KAWK Website/Forum moving to new home

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KAWK Website/Forum moving to new home

Post  Teknicl on Thu Apr 03, 2008 5:24 am

From now and into the next few days, I am in the process of moving our forum onto a new platform called vBulletin. This platform is much more stable and reliable as you may have noticed that sometimes a new topic or reply doesn't flag as unread when you login. This is because our forum is on the PHPBB database which has known issues and limitations.

For now, please continue to visit the site by using kawk.darkbb.com until our new and improve forum is setup. There will be many benefits and features to the new vBulletin database

    *Improved Design
    *Calendar Views
    *Search box
    *Buddy list
    *User Style picker
    *Private messaging popups (optional)
    *Improved Moderation
    *Stronger Security
    *3000 x More Webspace
    *And much much more

However it may come with a loss to our current topics. I will do my best to attempt to migrate current post to the vBulletin database but, the possibility is very low. Stay tuned for the official announcement.

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