COD4 patch ruins the game outside of America?

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COD4 patch ruins the game outside of America?

Post  Teknicl on Sun Mar 09, 2008 6:18 am

With the COD4 feature patch having received good initial reception from the community it's a bit surprising to discover that some players are reporting problems. Specifically there are problems with the host-migration feature that was supposed to help the connection problems. It seems that gamers outside of the Americas are having trouble getting a host who is local enough to them that they can get a good connection. GeekPulp was able to get a response from the Infinity Ward Community Manager, Robert Bowling, who had this to say:

"That doesn't mean it will always choose a US player, but I understand that the odds are typically stacked against some of our more remote players to be selected as host. We're currently looking at options available that might help out with those odds and I'll keep you updated on it."

So hopefully we'll soon be seeing another patch that'll fix the things that the first was supposed to take care of. In meantime, to our readers overseas, have you all noticed any effect on the game since the patch?

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